Eric Callagan

April 2024 Showcase

The First Saturday open house has been scheduled for April 6th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Showcase Artist is Eric Callagan.

"My name is Eric Callagan. I am a father of three amazing children, Scarlet, Olive and Brigid. I've been interested in all art mediums and formats since I can remember.

My mom, Ila Callagan, would have me help her color in rubber stamps, I'd trace characters from my favorite TV series as a kid, take photos with an old single use Kodak camera, and build crazy forts with my brothers out of sticks and leaves. As I grew up we would take vacations and I was the "Camera Guy". I'd run through the woods capturing everything as my Dad, Shawn Callagan, and his Jeeping group would drive different trails and then at the end of the weekend create a DVD of the whole event!

Now as an adult I've turned those creative juices into a business in Ape Man Games. In my "Labitat" I create different Virtual Reality experiences, act, perform improv and gaming experiences. I create 3D models, print them and paint them for a variety of uses. I am also a licensed drone pilot so I create advertisements for local business, take aerial photos for real estate agents, and my work has even been featured in a few PBS documentaries. I'm currently writing a book "Return to Stardust"and continuing to work on a mixed reality hunting game where your living room becomes your hunting shack! If you would like help on a creative project, marketing, or just to chat with a half-crazed monkey man you can check out my website or email me at .

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my works!"

Also from 2 until 4, the public is invited to interact with students from Ponemah High School. For more information, contact: