Les Sanders

 Les has always had the passion and desire to understand and develop his artistic abilities and has been woodcarving at some level over the past 40 years. He believes it is essential to artistic development to push the boundaries of ones' ability to a professional level.   

One of the things that Les became aware of when building split cedar flutes with Kent Light, a nationally known flute maker from Montana, is that it is very important when you have a skill, that you pass that skill on to others. He believes it is important that he pass his training and development of his art to others individually and/or in groups.   

One of the greatest challenges is the journey of creating a meaningful and unique piece of art that people can enjoy. His primary goal now is to share his watercolor pencil, woodburning, and woodcarving techniques and experiences with other people of all ages and abilities. He has instructed classes in high school, middle school, boys and girls club, the local carving club, Gallery North, the Northern Artist Association, the Bemidji Senior Center, ISD #31 School District, Mt Zion, and the North Country Arts and Crafts workshop

Check out Les' website at: SandersArtStudios.com