Linda Rother

I have been creating my personal imagery with passion for over 46 years. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BFA. I have received several grants for my work from the Jerome Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, Mn State Art’s Board, Intermedia Arts and East Central Arts. Since moving to the north woods near Paul Bunyan State Forest 2 years ago my images and work is evolving in unexpected and exciting ways. Although my subject matter has changed, my use of texture, composition, and integrating found objects and mixed media has not.         
My recent body of work is pure capture of my current natural environment and it's many beautiful and dramatic moments through photography and “found” integrated objects. This new body of work is a result of living fully in the  environment. They reflect a spirit of place, the place I call home. I have bonded with animals; my horses, wildlife, plant life and man birds and reptiles. The planets’ light and smells and sounds have a texture of horses, earth and plants. This body of work is about my relationship with plants, animals and with my personal environment. I am an outdoor person, who is passionate about my images. Capturing the magic and the mystery of the moonlit nights with all natural elements; deer, horses, turtles, birds and insects is my newly rediscovered passion.